Monday, June 29, 2009

Time well spent

Levi has been missing his grandma and asking to go visit her, so for the next few days he is in Texas with his grandparents. Levi is the most rambunctious of my kiddos. The one I have to keep my eye on constantly to make sure he isn’t throwing the cat down the stairs, creating masterpieces on the wall with a sharpie or prying the buttons off the laptop keyboard. So I thought I was going to get a lot done around the house since he is gone. Today I did sweep and mop the kitchen floor---then I sat on my ass and watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl. Life is Good.

xoxo Jeni


  1. Reminds me, I have some ass sitting to do, must watch So You Think You Can Dance before tonight's results show. Very nice blog you have here. We would make great friends I think, based on blog titles alone:)

  2. That is really funny. I think all mommies deserve to sit on their asses more than they do...go ass sitting!