Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playtime at 5 in the morning

I was already having a hard time sleeping last night, tossing and turning, watching the clock. Then Levi appears beside my bed with his blanket and pillow. I groan and glance at the time 4:26 am. I help him up into my bed and try to snuggle into my pillow for a couple more hours of tossing turning before the alarm goes off. Our kitten, Billy, has better ideas. Bouncing and pouncing all around Levi, running all over my legs. I am thinking how pointless it is try and lay in my bed and rest--- Levi is even getting frustrated at Billy. So I put Billy in the bathroom and shut the door. "Meow, Meeeoooww.......MEEooww!" Levi says "Mommy Billy is sad. Get him out of the bafroom." So up I go with Levi trailing behind me. After the cat is freed from his prison, we head to the living room with our blankies and pillows. Resting in here is not an option either. Billy is everywhere, knocking over picture frames, climbing in flower pots, playing with legos under the coffee table. So Levi decides that now would be a good time to play too. Really? At 5 in the morning? Yes--- I am tired. It is now 8 am, Kyle just left for work, Levi and Belle are screaming at each other because he wants to watch Tom & Jerry and she wants to watch Barney. I go for classic cartoon violence over the sugary sweet freakishly happy dinosaur, but the toddler who screams the loudest will have the deciding vote.


  1. days like these are tough. hope you get more sleep tonight!

    stopped by from the MomBlogNetwork btw. :)