Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top 10 ways to create a brat

10. You must buy him a toy when you go shopping.

Occasionally candy may be substituted.

9. When he whines give him his way.

Always! This is not optional.

8. Sugar should be a regular part of his diet.

Let him have cookies for breakfast.

7. Be inconsistent in your discipline techniques.

Is there such a thing as consistency?

6. Let him sleep on the couch because he doesn't want to sleep in his bed.

You could always carry his 50lb little body upstairs when he drifts off.

5. Let him watch t.v. until he falls asleep.

Because there is no other way to get him to lie down.

4. Allow him to pour cupfuls of water on the bathroom floor during bath time.

He is learning….something.

3. When he pushes his sister and takes her toy just ignore it.

They will work it out, or she will find something else to play with.

2. When his pleading for more oreo cookies makes you cringe—give him more oreo cookies!

See #9

1. When you start whining, crying, screaming and kicking

to get him to stop whining, crying, screaming and kicking-- you are creating a brat.


  1. I am awesome at creating brats :P

  2. Cute... I think we all are good at this.