Friday, June 5, 2009

Text whining

I know that I am too submersed in technology, especially when my 13 year old has learned how to whine in a text message. Let me set the scene for you: Kylie stayed the night with a friend, and she has decided that today is a good day to go to the mall. She text me:

Kylie::::::Mom will you take me and (insert friend here) to the Wolfchase Mall today?

Mom::::::No not today sweetie :)

Kylie:::::Please mom?

Mom::::::Not today, how about tomorrow

Kylie:::::But mom I really want to do something today and you always say tomorrow and then I never get to go

Mom doesn’t answer this text---I see where this is headed

down a fast slope with me caving at the end


Ha! Do you hear the whine in her voice text?

But I held strong, she didn’t go, My husband will be so shocked.

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