Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brattier than most

I adore putting hair bows on Belle almost as much as she adores wearing them. Yes I am aware that a lot of people find them hideous--- there is nothing critical about big hair bows that I haven't already heard. Kyle does not particularly care for them, if they are small it is ok other wise he is likely to say "Does she have to wear that Big Ass Bow?" Why YES she does. I love them, she loves them, hair bows make us happy.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting around with other moms and one said that she had a theory about little girls with bows---"the bigger the bow, the brattier the girl" She may be onto something.


  1. Oh that's bunk! My oldest daughter though bows were simply another appendage she wore them so often - and LOVED the bigger bows. She's NOT by bratty child... #2, on the other hand, hardly ever agrees to a hair bow, and is as bratty as they come.

    Hair bows are fabulous!!!

  2. My oldest daughter is a headband girl. I never could get them to wear the big bows. That does NOT however mean they are not brats. Ha. ;)