Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's eat

Eating off my floors is not recommended. They are dirty, covered in Bevo’s dog hair and sticky from unknown substances. The kids drop everything on the floor. So much so, that I am beginning to wonder if Belle and Levi actually get anything into their mouths. If Levi was as slender as Belle I would be more concerned. There are crumbs, and bits of food, sticky drips from popsicles, dried messes that are unidentifiable-- often covered in dog hair. Luckily the shedding of the Bevo’s winter coat is almost complete. But I still let the kiddos eat stuff that has fallen on the floor….that whole 5 second rule is about a minute long in this house. I will look the food over for obvious debris to be removed and then return the fallen edible goodies into the hand of a kiddo willing to consume it. This does not work well with the bigger kiddos but the little ones have not complained yet. I have trained them so well.

1 comment:

  1. Dog hair everywhere, my dog is the same. ugh