Saturday, June 6, 2009

Supermommy Takes a Shower

Feeling hopeful for a peaceful shower I turn the water on super hot, close the door and step in. Ahhh, relaxing---that is until the door abruptly swings open with a ‘bang’ and the scream of a 2 year old is ear piercing. I think to myself “what now?!” I cannot understand a word coming from this screeching little child, but she is obviously upset. I peek out at her and she doesn’t appear hurt. So I go about my shower trying—unsuccessfully—to tune her out. Miraculously she stops squealing. Quiet----

Less than 2 minutes later here comes an irritatingly loud 4 year old. I am through with the relaxing ideology of a shower and I would just like to shave my arm pits and legs---c’mon I am not asking for much here. I am sure my husband would appreciate it if my legs weren’t feeling like sandpaper for once. The "ignoring badly behaved children technique" that seemed to work with the 2 year old is not applying to the 4 year old.

He is insistently getting louder with every syllable he speaks. I tell him “baby, mommy is in the shower and I am almost done. I will be out there to help you in just a minute.” The 4 year old responds with“(insert extreme whining/crying/fit here).” I plead with him once more “Just a second honey let mommy rinse off.” The actuality of smooth legs may never happen for me—again—ever! The 4 year old is persistently going on and on and on…..That’s it—I reach for my removable shower head and point it over the top of the shower. A light cascade of water falls down and sprays the unsuspecting 4 year old and for a brief moment he is stunned—not a sound…..and then all hell breaks loose. “YOU—GOT—ME--WET!” He runs screaming from the bathroom and just to make sure I know how upset he is he comes back to SLAM the bathroom door shut. Well now, I am back in a quiet shower with privacy—my legs might get smooth after all.


  1. oh I love this. I can sooooo relate to this post. I've even done the flicking water at them to shock them but never did the sprayer thing. I figure it would be one more mess to clean up but I bet it was sure satisfying. *G*

  2. Yes, the sprayer did make a mess. But being able to actually shave my legs was well worth it :)

  3. I can just picture the stunned look on his face! LOL

    My kids are 8 and 10 and I still get knocks on the door demanding entry! I'm not sure that there is an age where it stops.