Monday, June 29, 2009

Litter Box Trained...

My kiddos are enjoying Billy. His frisky kitty antics keep us all laughing. What doesn’t have me laughing is his litter box. Why does it surprise me that such stinky messes can come from something so little. Isn’t that what happened when I had my first kiddo, Kylie? A cute, adorably irresistible baby girl who’s daddy refused to change her diapers cause they made him gag. The litter box in the bathroom makes me feel the same way. But there have been some horrendous smells in this house today.

Levi has been working very hard to master the fine art of buttoning his own pants. He isn’t being all that successful. So today when he needed to use the potty he was fighting to get the button undone and well, had a bit of an accident. It was a mushy mess. He hasn’t had a poop accident in his pants for well over a year, but there I stood in the bathroom smelling the mess in his undies combined with the smell from the litter box and I almost puked. I hadn’t even started to clean him up yet.

I help him out of his gooey filled undies, and quickly threw them into a plastic bag which landed in the garbage. God bless flushable wipes because without them I couldn’t make it through cleaning a 4 year olds bootie. Belle was standing by watching everything going on, and something in her little body says –me too—because Levi got off the toilet and she was pulling down her panties saying she had to poop. She decides this is a good time to get modest and tells me “you go away mommy. I poo poo.” Gladly I retreat from the bathroom, that smells like an outhouse and get Levi some clean clothes.

When I return Belle has tried to wipe her own bootie. There is greenish brown goo all over her fingers and on the toilet seat. She even flushed the potty with those same fingers--smears of poop everywhere. So once again I turned to my box of flushable wipes and let the clean up begin. Belle is proud of her accomplishment “I do it myself mommy.” Levi is running all around the house yelling “I am nakey, I am nakey.” At least he was clean. I just felt like I could not take the fumes anymore and I switched on the bathroom exhaust fan.

Why didn’t I think of the fan earlier?

Since I had been playing in poop I might as well just clean the litter box too. While getting an empty shopping bag for the scoop up clean up Belle starts sifting through the litter herself and dumping it in the floor. After playing tug-o-war with Belle over the scooper I finally win. I start sifting the kitty litter for clumps—Billy is carefully taking notes from the top of the commode—carefully watching my every move, when I realized that the litter is all wet underneath.

Did the cat pee that much in one day? Whatever.

I decided I just need to dump the whole box and put in fresh litter. As I am carrying the box to dump it out Levi asks what I am doing, so I tell him the litter is all wet and needs to be changed. He looks at me with his big eyes and says “is it because I peed in there?”

My son peed in the litter box. Great.


  1. LMAO!!! that is fantastic. The only thing worse than that is when they've made a huge poopy mess and tried to fix it THEMSELVES, then when you find it you're like "WHY IS THERE POOP ON THE BATHROOM CEILING??? IS THERE ANY OTHER POOP I'VE MISSED?" then you find it petrified on a radiator a month later. ::shudders::

    and I love that he peed in the kitty litter. That's too classic.

  2. cute! I like your blog! looking fwd to future tweets...

  3. What a laugh! I don't know a mother that hasn't a poopy day or two in her time so I can so relate.
    While my kids never peed in the litter box, I did have a dog that liked sneak "kitty cookies" out of the litter. He thought the cat was playing a game of bury-the-cookie with him!