Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reading a book about lions

Me: “Lions are very large, and have long manes around their heads.”

Levi: “What is a mane?”

Me: “The long hair here around his face and ears.”

Levi: “I don’t like his mane. Why did you get me this book?”

Me: “You asked for a book about real lions.”

Levi: “I don’t want a lion book any more, I want a tiger book.”

Me: “Next time we go to the library you can get book about tigers.”

Levi: Closing the book, “I think we should go back tomorrow, and you need to make better choices.”


  1. The kid's got a point. Although, does he realize you could choose to walk out of the room?

    Also, spilled milk. Have a picture somewhere (maybe on our website) of milk spilled all over the entry way to the house. Bought 5 minutes earlier at grocery store. That's fun.

    Finally, my 5 year old sings "Boom, Boom, Pow" and "Fire Burning" every night before bed. If you're not familiar, check it out.


  2. Haha, his response about you making better choices is priceless!

  3. Sometimes I think I should have a camcorder on my son at all times to catch some of the things he says. That was too funny.

  4. Ha ha!! That is so funny. Do you think Levi has heard that said before... maybe to him?

  5. hahahahahahaha that is adorable and hilarious.