Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roller Coaster of a Ride

Rolling over your truck while driving for a day of fun on the lake with a boat in tow results in a roller coaster ride. Expect to see these fun surprises flying your way; capri sun packages, baby wipes, iphones, cups of iced green tea, littlest pet shop elephants, mini-powdered donuts, toy airplanes, WWE wrestling guys.

As a passenger on this fun ride I was leaving a voicemail for someone when the whole event occured....I would share it with you if I knew how to get a copy it on here.


  1. Holy Moly! I'm assuming everyone (except the truck, and maybe the boat) was OK after this? That had to have been scary...

  2. I hope everyone's safe! I can't imagine how scary that must've been!