Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brown Eyed Girl

My birthday was last month and my darling husband was very good to me. One of my gifts I received from Kyle was a Yorkie puppy, Miss Lucy Lou. She is irresistible, and unbelievably cute. I adore her. I call her the little brunette, brown eyed baby girl I never had. Because contrary to what your high school biology teacher told you brown eyes are not dominant. True? Yes. I have four kiddos and not one has brown eyes. My girls both have blue eyes and the boys have hazel-green. So don't be mislead. And just this morning my brown eyed baby girl woke me at 6:20 am.

I needed to get the boys up for school anyway, and was I ever surprised to see the them awake already, in the living room watching cartoons. I made them breakfast which they ate without complaint. Then they dressed, brushed their teeth and went out to ride bikes before the bus arrived. But, that is sadly where the June Cleaver morning ends because it all went downhill from here. Kyle was looking over the school calender and noticed that today was fall portrait day. What?! I glance out the window to see Kalvin in his faded t-shirt with a milk mustache and Levi with toothpaste wiped on the sleeve. Damn it--

Quickly I run into the closet and pull two button up shirts off their hangers, and...what's that SMELL? I don't have time to investigate. I plug in the iron and set to creating smooth wrinkle free clothing. Which is hard to come by at my house since I pull laundry out of the dryer and it sits in a pile for who knows how long before it gets put away. Wait that is a lie, it most likely will sit in a pile until someone wants to wear it again because I am horrible about putting laundry away. Now where was I? Yes, the anti-June Cleaver morning.

I am pulling things out of a laundry basket knowing that near the bottom is a nice pair of khaki pants for Levi to wear...there's that wretched SMELL again. What is that?! I glance around and can't spot the culprit. I go about ironing. I yell at the boys to come inside to get changed, when Levi whines, "I'm already dressed. I don't want to start all over again!" I roll my eyes and think 'stop with the dramatics.' He likes his button up shirt though, he says it's "fancy." Lovely, that is one less battle, but the white undershirt has a sleeve that keeps bunching up and he is leaning toward a melt down and I yell, "Just let me button your shirt!" Then he decides he doesn't like the way his socks fit, and his pants are going to make him "hot"-true-, and he doesn't like his new shoes anymore. Good grief....that SMELL! I couldn't take it anymore. I go in search of the smell. I am on my hands and knees sniffing the air.

Crawling seems to lighten the mood as the kiddos start giggling at mommy's fat butt shimmying by them in search of the SMELL. My nose takes me to the closet, and in the corner is a wet circle of brown. "What is that?!" It smells like poop, but it's not poop, is it? One thing not so cute about my Lucy Lou is she likes to eat cat poop. Yes, disgusting, yet it is one of her favorite things. I have to keep a very close eye on her outside to make sure she isn't digging in the flower bed for kitty biscuits. I think that is what is in my closet. Cat poop. But not from the cat, from my dog. One more glance and sniff and it is official. Lucy Lou has puked cat shit! In. My. Closet.

I left it there. I had no choice. I had to get the boys to the bus stop. It is fall portrait day and they had to get on the bus, looking spiffy and well groomed. There can't be a chance that someone might think I forgot about fall portrait day. I watch them get on the bus and Levi immediately starts pulling at his shirt, which I am certain will be untucked before he gets off the bus and Kalvin is running his fingers in his hair trying to get that messy look he likes so much. Atleast they left my care looking dressed the part. Now back to the cat shit vomit in my closet!


  1. Oh good grief!
    I am so so so sorry. Cat shit dog puke sounds NASTY!
    Your boys on the other hand sound delightful.

  2. jeff smith (taylor900)September 9, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    for some reason at least one of all the dogs we have had.. and we always get them in 2's because we have a big family... like cat poop .. and of course after awhile they either throw it up or drag it out into another part of the house .. good times

    when my twin bro and i were little we liked to switch classes for picture day and fool our teachers and then our mom by appearing in the wrong pictures ... it rocked!

  3. LOL I'm terrible about putting away the clean laundry too. What's the point; I mean, they just pull it out, wear it for a while then dump it in the hamper. The drawer seems to be a wasted step to me!
    I had a dog that loved cat cookies too. Luckily, he had an iron stomach so there was no puke but the sound of him chewing cat shit made me want to puke! Ugh!

  4. It would be great for you if the puking incident would cure your adorable new dog of her excentric appetite! I know, probably wishful thinking. LOL

    My cat pukes all the time and it's sooooo gross! I've been lucky in that she does it where we can find it most of the time. I'm still trying to figure out why she did it under our bed once, though. Ewwwwww! ;)

  5. Oh gross! My cat pukes constantly, after almost every meal, and I tolerate it. If she was puking up poop, it would be another story. That gross, adorable little pup!

  6. Oh, your puppy is adorable. Had to put my 16 and 1/2 year old yorkie down this June. It sucked big time. Best dog in the world though! Oh and he loved kitty biscuits too! It's a good thing they are cute because man, dogs are gross!